serving asheville and surrounding areas

serving asheville and surrounding areas

serving asheville and surrounding areasserving asheville and surrounding areasserving asheville and surrounding areas

serving asheville and surrounding areas

serving asheville and surrounding areas

serving asheville and surrounding areasserving asheville and surrounding areasserving asheville and surrounding areas

Because trees need love, too.


Because trees need love, too.

"The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, 

and after all, our most pleasing responsibility. ”  

-Wendell Berry


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Invasives choking out your trees? We advocate non-pesticide removal, because we love bees as much as we love trees. We offer onsite removal of invasive plants on an hourly basis and refer arborists, as needed, to ensure your trees get the best care possible. We offer mulching after removal, as well as planting of native plants to help reclaim the land. The native plants we install are specially selected based on several factors, including their benefits to wildlife. We care about our pollinators and the wildlife who share the land.

Interested in doing the work yourself? We'll come out and share everything we've learned about removing invasives safely from your trees and other plants. Contact us today for details.

  • Invasive plant removal
  • Invasive plant management
  • Mulching
  • Planting of native, beneficial plants
  • Landscaping services


ivy removal. trees. invasive plants. asheville ivy removal.

"I just returned from a trip, and want to say that we're so pleased with the job you're doing. I can almost feel the trees breathing a sigh of relief!" -Scott

"Marsha brought a crew down from Asheville to my home in Greenville, and over a day they transformed my wooded mess of an area into a beautiful space. I really appreciated her taking the time to educate me on some of the invasive species that are overrunning my property, and the care she takes not to cause any harm to the beneficial plants and insects. There was more work to be done than could be completed in a day, and I will definitely be contacting Marsha again for future work and maintenance of the area. Thank you Marsha and thanks to your crew for an amazing job!" -Ashley

"We had tons of poison ivy growing in our front flower bed and starting to spread into the grass. We called several companies and no one wanted to touch it. Marsha came in and removed several ivy bushes, all the runners from the grass, as well as other non-natives from the flower bed over a couple of days. Pricing was fair and she was forthright about how long she thought it would take. She was professional and communicative. I can't wait to have her back to clean up some of our other flower beds and swale area. I highly recommend her service." -Adel

Dan S. from Kenilworth

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"Marsha has been to my place slaying ivy a couple of times and I'm extremely happy with the results!"

Diane S. from Kenilworth

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"I just had help from Marsha Sterling and her crew of hard workers from Asheville Invasive Plant Removal and Landscaping. They took down the poison ivy from my plant bed. They pulled the plants by the roots. I am so pleased with the outcome. I’d highly recommend this business."

Robert S. from Albemarle Park

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"What a great new specialist service! They have been excellent at responding and communicating, showing up as scheduled, and doing what was agreed upon. With an interest in learning more ways to improve methods and expand the service for greater impact in the area, they are dedicated to the cause of English ivy and Invasives removal."

Reggie G. from Biltmore Forest

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"I've removed the Ivy from my trees several years ago, but keep the English Ivy as ground cover. The Ivy has been growing right back up into my trees over the last several years. Since I am not around my house in Asheville, especially in winter and spring, I hired Marsha to come over and remove the Ivy from my trees. She did a much better job than I ever did in removing the Ivy from my trees. The climate warming we are experiencing is causing these invasive plants to grow faster and will damage our beautiful tress around Asheville. I highly recommend this new business for our beautiful city, to fix a growing problem. If you've got trees with Ivy growing up into them or Ivy growing up the side of your house, and you can't deal with the problem yourself, this is the business to call."



Asheville's 2019 Urban Tree Canopy Study and the city's official response

Asheville GreenWorks Treasured Trees Program:

Treasured Trees of Asheville and Buncombe County is a program of Asheville GreenWorks whose purpose is to: 

  • Bring public awareness to our valuable and irreplaceable trees.
  • Increase tree owners' awareness of the unique importance of trees.
  • Encourage stewardship of our urban forest.
  • Protect all trees from indiscriminate removal or irreparable damage during development.
  • Raise awareness of the diversity, sensitivity, and importance of the tree canopy.

From The Workshop on Linking Ecology and Horticulture To Prevent Plant Invasions, the Saint Louis Declaration  includes voluntary codes of conduct for government, nursery professionals, the gardening public (that's ALL of US,) landscape architects, and  botanic gardens and arboreta, relative to non-native invasives.

International Union for Conservation of Nature's Issues Brief: Invasive Alien Species Climate Change

Fantastic resource for homeowners from the International Society of Arboriculture:

What Tree is That? A interactive tree ID field guide from Arbor Day Foundation:

Learn how to safely remove ivy from your trees, thanks to Tree Stewards of Arlington & Alexandria, VA: 

Asheville Tree Commission's 2018 Annual Report to City Council: 

Publication: "The Benefits of Urban Trees: A Summary of the Benefits of Urban Trees Accompanied by a Selection of Research Papers and Pamphlets" by the Warwick District Council

Demonstrate your commitment to nature with National Wildlife Federation's Certified Wildlife Habitat program.

Discover and grow native plants in your yard.

Here are 40 great reasons to get rid of English ivy from Colin Purrington:

NC Forest Service Invasive Plants Information: *Please note that while the Forestry Service recommends broad application of glyphosphate and pesticides to fight invasive plants, we DO NOT. These means are largely ineffective and unnecessarily poison our land, water and pollinators. 

Create a schoolyard (or backyard) habitat for Monarchs and other pollinators.

Nature Play at Home, a great resource for instilling the love of nature in children, while also getting them OUTSIDE! A joint publication of National Wildlife Federation and NC State Design.

News & Community Events


We love trees. We're happy to share opportunities in our communities to stand up for trees and give them the support and appreciation they deserve. Have news or an event to share? Please contact us.


Reps introduce TREES Act to expand urban canopies

Reps. Doris Matsui, D-CA, John Sarbanes, D-MD, and Jeff Fortenberry, R-NE, introduced The Residential Energy and Economic Savings (TREES) Act this week, which would create a grant funding program at the Department of Energy (DOE) to offer homeowners or utilities free or reduced-cost tree-planting services.

ACTION ALERT! NC Senate has proposed a bill that leaves our trees in peril. If passed and enacted, the law would prohibit local governments in NC from enacting tree ordinances to protect trees on private property, We're all for property rights, however... the trees don't belong to individual property owners. They belong to all of us. They filter the air we breathe, soak up storm water, and provide for wellbeing in too many ways to list. Additionally, the state government is overstepping its bounds in this backdoor attempt to strip local citizens of their rights to enact local ordinances that make sense for OUR communities. Please review and contact your state representatives to oppose SB 367. UPDATE: SB 367 was withdrawn!


Hard 2 Recycle - West
​1298 Patton Avenue


It's time for another Hard 2 Recycle! Save your holiday waste - We will be accepting all of the usual items like styrofoam, TVs, batteries, books, etc, plus a few new items like shredded paper and razors!

Check out the full list here.

To volunteer:

MLK Jr Day of Service Cleanup
​Meet at MLK Jr Park


​Join in a roadside cleanup in preparation for the MLK Jr March from Berry Temple United Methodist Church Church to Downtown. We will work in the East End/ Valley Street neighborhood and surrounding streets. We will be finished with the cleanup in time if volunteers wish to participate in the Peace Rally & March.

To volunteer:


Public Roadside Cleanup
​Bingham Road


​Join GreenWorks' Water Quality Coordinator, Laura Anderson, on a public roadside cleanup! This 2hr event will focus around picking up litter along one of Asheville's heavily trashed roads. All supplies will be provided.

To volunteer:

GreenWorks' Monthly Workday
Sandhill Tree Nursery


Our Urban Forestry program is quickly growing and with it, our native tree nursery at the Buncombe County Sports Park. Join Community Forestry Coordinator, Gabby Fitts at our monthly workdays to show the nursery some TLC, and to prepare for giveaways, plantings. and more.

To volunteer:

Past Events:

March 10: We joined the Kenilworth Residents' Association and Asheville GreenWorks in the Seven Springs Park clean-up. Spent 3 hours reclaiming the trail; pulling invasives like English ivy & Multiflora rose; cleaning the creek, and pruning. See photo gallery for pics!

March 12: Marsha attended the Tree Protection Task Force meeting hosted by Asheville GreenWorks. The all volunteer group meets monthly, and you can find the schedule here:

Climate Change and Asheville's Urban Forest
AB Tech, Ferguson Auditorium

Live Streamed on Asheville GreenWorks' Facebook page.

Learn how Asheville's trees are helping to mitigate the effects of climate change and make our city more resilient. Event highlights include a review of the City of Asheville's tree canopy study and how it relates to climate resiliency.

Hard 2 Recycle - South
TC Roberson High School
Long Shoals Rd entrance!

​Bring out your dead!... batteries, electronics, styrofoam and more. Attend or volunteer. See the full list of items accepted here: ​​

Sandhill Nursery Workday
24 Apac Circle


Our monthly public volunteer workday at the Sandhill Nursery and Orchard. Join other volunteers in mulching, pruning, and weeding at the nursery, along with other special projects. All tools and gear provided.

Email to sign up or with questions.

Member-Only MSD Tour
2225 Riverside Drive

Go behind the scenes of our local sewage treatment plant to see what happens to our waste water. Join us as we learn the do's and don't with flushables, how various contaminants are removed, and how our county works to maintain safe sewage treatment.

Register here:

Public Work Day
Alexander River Park ​


J​oin Asheville GreenWorks, Mountain True and RiverLink for a restoration extravaganza!
Following an intro of the park's history and riparian zone benefits, we will focus on River Cane Propagation, Invasive Removal, Tree Planting and Stream Cleanup.

Volunteer here:

Holiday Concert & Craft Fair​Catawba Brewing South Slope

Celebrate the holiday season with local music and local craft fair. Enjoy a beer from Catawba Brewing while supporting Asheville GreenWorks programming.

About Us

Tree Hugger

For as long as I can remember, I've sought solace and refuge in the trees. When I moved into the city of Asheville, after living in "the mountains" of Barnardsville for 7 years, I was shocked by the situation with English Ivy in our neighborhoods. Once my eyes were opened to English Ivy and the numerous threats this plant poses to our native species, I began to learn more about the other invasive threats scattered throughout our yards and forests. Oriental Bittersweet, Porcelainberry, Kudzu, Japanese Knotweed, Japanese Stiltgrass, and the list goes on. I'm concerned about the loss of the tree canopy across the globe; I decided to focus on the issue in my own backyard. 

Trees are one of our most precious resources, and we're losing them at an alarming rate. Invasive plants like English Ivy, Oriental Bittersweet, Porcelainberry and Kudzu are literally strangling the life out of trees, covering our landscapes, and choking out native, beneficial plants that provide food ahabitat for critters of all shapes and sizes. The costs are immeasurable in so many ways. 

I decided to stop complaining and start doing. I'm taking a stand against invasive plants that threaten so much more than our trees. One yard at a time. One tree at a time. I'm spreading awareness, advocating for our trees, and helping homeowners who'd rather outsource their invasive plant management. 

I hope you'll use this website as a resource. Share it with family and friends. If you see invasive plants overtaking trees or plants in your yard or another, do something or say something. 

It's up to all of us. The costs are too great to ignore. 

Save your trees, and we'll plant one.

Asheville loses more trees every day due to growth and development. In fact, it's estimated that Asheville has lost close to 10% of its tree canopy in the past 10 years. For every job over $100 completed by our network of landscaping professionals, we'll plant a tree. Entrust your trees to our network of caring professionals, and a percentage of our profit will help replace this precious resource. One tree at a time...

Invasive Plant Management Consultation

Send a note or give us a call to schedule your "Save My Trees!" Consultation. We're here for you...and the trees.

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